Manufacturing, services and trade establishment Rubber SC (CLP) was founded in February 1998.

It is a family company located at the foot of the Owl Mountains.

The Rubber S.C. company is a leading producer of elastic bands and cords with double-sided tips, widely used in the paper industry. The offered products create a wide range of proposals tailored to the client’s specific needs. Our product catalogue includes rounded as well as flat-ended elastics and strings.
We also offer strings and elastics on spools and those cut according to customer’s specifications.
We use a palette of about 80 basic colours, dedicated to each of our products. On request, we can also prepare other colours according to the PANTONE system.
The assortment we present to you is of the highest quality, supported by twenty years of experience we have in the industry, a number of industry certificates and approvals we received, as well as periodic laboratory tests regarding the quality of our product.

We produce the highest quality:
elastic round bands for files with metal tips (also used for advertising roofing and office supplies)
flat rubber bands with metal tips
• strings for decorative bags and hanging calendars
• loops and pendants